Basic Digital Marketing Project Plan

The small business digital marketing team at Touchline Marketing have released the same digital marketing project plan template they use with SMB clients. The full, 1-year, plan is downloadable as a Microsoft Excel template and includes sample timelines for blog articles, email newsletters, lead magnets, landing pages, keyword research, buyer persona identification, basic social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).  


The best digital marketing plans are managable.  This means repeatable, scalable, and triggered by logical events.

50% of small business blogs are discontinued within 6 months. Why? Because creating digital marketing content can be exhausting, expensive, and the results of which are often not realized until at least 12-months later. Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy that requires a steady release of content at regular frequencies and is integrated across all the core digital marketing channels.

This plan includes the following foundational components of digital marketing for small business:

Lead Magnet & Lead Generating Landing Page

Quarterly Email Newsletter

Monthly Blog Articles

Basic Social Media Promotion

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About Touchline Marketing

We partner with busy owners & executives at small & medium-sized companies to establish a professional digital marketing foundation that helps build a brand, generate leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase customer loyalty. Owners and executives partner with Touchline so they can spend less time on marketing and more time on the day-to-day business without the typical investment involved with staffing and training an internal digital marketing department. 

A year-long digital marketing project plan including blog articles, social media, keyword research, email newsletters, a lead magnet, a landing page, and strategy.

Touchline Marketing Basic Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business 

Digital Marketing Plan Template Excel .xls